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Muslim Women In Style: Would you wear stockings with sandals?

by Muslimette · 63 comments

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Picture a Muslim woman in a black abaya, nice hijab, black sandals… and neon green stockings. Cute? Or not so much?

I don’t know about you, but I think that colorful stockings and open-toed shoes can look really stylish when worn together. Maybe not the neon green stockings in my little example above, but when worn with more subtle colors, I think that stockings and sandals can work. Plus, it’s a great option for Muslim women who believe in completely covering their feet at all times, or for those women who want to find a way to rock their fierce sandals (it’s the Tyra in me!) even when it’s cold outside.

So, dear readers, would you wear stockings with sandals? Would you wear bright or patterned stockings; or only dark, subtle colors? Are stockings with sandals a fashion faux pas for Muslim women?

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1 HijabiApprentice

I don’t cover my feet all the time and I have been known to rock sparkley sandals in all seasons lol! That being said, I would definitely wear patterned and or bright tights with peep toe pumps!


2 Elisha Hameed

Yes, absolutely! I think stockings with open toe shoes look soo cute…especially when its bright colored stockings or like pink zebra print :0! Lol


3 Humaira

No! They look horrible! I wear my neon socks with shoes but not with sandals! Unless I’m really cold, but they look really odd!


4 Shadia

I think in general if you are under the age of 20 its ” appropriate”. but as a fashion faux paw no at all. rock a haute pair of studded stilletos and a great pair of ankle skinny pants and a long dress and menswear like jacket and a bokd ring is amazingly appropriate for anyone under 35


5 HC

Oh dear no. Socks and sandals…I just can’t stand that combo!


6 Layla

I think a lot depends on the rest of the outfit, but under most circumstances I don’t think bright stockings look a bit odd with sandals. But I’ve seen some people pull it off well, so I can’t say never . . .


7 Ratna Hermawati

in my country many Muslim women, especially students, wear skin-tone colored stockings with open-toe sandals. I start to wear them several weeks ago, and it feels so comfortable.


8 mariya

That’s good point i agree that.


9 dontwannachooseaname

what country u be from?


10 Aspirations of a pure heart

I think that’s a mess!

With open toes, I do wear skin-toned stockings or black lacy patterned ones, but I am careful not to over-over do it. Neon colors & animal prints look sort of ridiculous for a grown Muslim woman…I LOVE to be glam, i just think it is best to do it @home :-)


11 Atiya

Asalaamu alaikum,

I am trying to understand the point of open-toe shoes if the toes are going to be enclosed with opaque socks or stockings?


12 mariya



13 DrEurope

Hi, my name is Shanti Sherna from Ukraina. I’m 27 y.
I just love to read this forum articles & topics discussed here.






15 cutiepie

thank you


16 halleemah

cool color like army green,ash……. with sandals could be really cool especially under an over flowing abaya! try it out dearies.


17 mehndi

I am sure it would look very nice and creative. And I think it is really cute how you have created your own style. But I think with my style I don’t think it would suit me very well. But I love the idea of green one of the most beautiful colors ever!


18 Samira

Yup! I love me some tights. I used to rock a mean pair of fishnets in my punk days. LOL!’s tights are really fresh and they come in extended plus sizes!


19 imani

They make hose that is meant to be worn with dress shoes, don’t they? Some tights and hose have unsightly seems in the toe area that would be unflattering when wearing an open-toed shoe, but if you wore the kind with nicer looking feet it could look great.


20 Umm Hazim

Would I wear stockings with sandals? Of course I would and still do, as a matter of fact, masha’Allah! For me, it just depends on the outfit, insha’Allah. I have a preference for thong sandals, though, and even though they are not considered stockings, I like to wear tabi stockings and socks because that way I can have the best of both worlds of still being able to wear my thong sandals without having to uncover my feet, masha’Allah!


21 Umm Hazim

By the way, if tabi are as much of your thing as they are mine, masha’Allah, try [...], insha’Allah.


22 Zaynah

I’ve been known to wear opaque black tights with barely-there-straps sandals, but lol, that was mostly so the shoe stays in place and doesn’t slip off my totally slender and long feet (simply no width to them, arghh) Guess that made a statement!
I love tights with Mary Janes and such shoes, but the really open sandals, wear them in summer and in the tropics, you need to be a bit mad to sport tights then, so the foot is out, even if the hem of the abaya/jilbab covers the ankle/top of the foot.
Frankly though, not saying this as a disrespect or to offend anyone, but for us to even wear jilbab/abaya/hijab in today’s more-flesh-out-is-better world implies that we really don’t give a d*mn about what people think we look like, so if you feel good wearing tights of whatever colour with shoes of whatever type, well go for it, girl!


23 Ms. Happiness

Diplomatically and as a worldwide dress code is TOTALLY INCORRECT!!
Either you wear stockings and close shoes or sandals with discovered feet.


24 Aishah

Asalaamu Alaikum

Since the rule in Islam is to cover your feet I do wear socks with sandals in the summer; its much cooler than shoes. The non-muslim rule of not allowing the combination has nothing to do with us because we have to cover our feet whereas they do whatever they please.


25 yarsi deswita

I 100% agree with you…….why should we care about the way the non-moslem think, sunnah and qur’an has definite rule about clothing.


26 Munia

I disagree. There is no rule in Islam stating that we have to cover our feet. In fact we are allowed to expose our face, hands and feet. Everything else is supposed to be covered. In regards to feet – I believe you mean legs.


27 lilah

@ Munia you must understand that musllim women must cover their feet as well. Just in modern terms there are plenty of men and women who have feet fetishes. As a person who is coming back into Islam after being in the world for a couple of years I will most certainly miss the open toe sandals in the summer but my love to do the will of Allah is far greater than exposing my toes.


28 Jo Thomas

It depends which school you follow. Some scholars have researched it and found it to be required, some have and found it not to be. “The Will of Allah” as we know it is not so cut-and-dry as some love to make it sound. I strive to follow the Will of Allah and still have no need to cover my feet. Some men also have hijab and niqab and even burka fetishes. So should we therefore say we shouldn’t wear them, or should we stop trying to change the reality of the proofs we have to fit our own limited perceptions?


29 kahleeka

Oh yes I would wear stocking with a peep toe shoe I dont think a sandal


30 Sister Lauren

Assalamu Alaikum,

I used to bare my feet out until I read a hadith about women covering their feet. I think that if your socks or stockings match then its alright. I don’t see anything wrong with going without if you like that.

I just hope the socks aren’t a bright color!!

Insha’allah, the winter season is coming to sandals are going in the back of the closet until the Spring…

Masha’allah, I have survived this cold season in the AMERICA….its cold..subhan’allah!!


31 ida

i think it depends with the colour of the out from kenya and we dont have that much of choice when it comes to dressing so we usually wear plain black abayas!


32 devita

I thinks it is very cute and fashionable, dark, bright, or pattern stocking will looks great as long as the color match with our hijjab/clothes


33 BelsamD

Rocking this look since autumn 2006 ;D


34 Diyana

I’m used to wearing light brown socks with my sandal regardless what type of cloth I’m wearing. I was taught to wear like that since I was young. But up to now I’m comfortable with it :). Nowadays, some of my friends and my sisters do wear colourful socks which make them look kind of funky but at the same time covering their aurah.


35 Anonymous

Assalamu alaikum
Im from the tropics and open sandals are a much better option fro me…but unfortunately we don’t have avariety of coloured stockings available here.Can anyone send me the daleel for covering the feet?A sister asked me but Im unable to access the info.Shokran


36 DiDi

I would also like the same info…. I am re-vert less than a year and less time covering…… and the question of wearing sandals (without socks) has come up and I would like to know hadith/Quran that tells…. thanks


37 Rabeeyah

Nooooooooooooooo! Open toe shoes and stockings…fashion no-no…stockings with closed toed shoes…can be stylish though!


38 Amirah

Rabeeyah I toally agree with you!!!

i HATE wearing stockings with opened toed shoes. UUGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLYYYYYYY!!! LOL


39 mariya

every muslim women fashion its looks really. its called muslim fashion


40 Muslim girl

i don’t think socks go well with sandals


41 mariya

what’s reason you don’t like to wear socks with sandal?


42 Breathe Hijab

I wear stockings all the time and love it. Even if you are wearing open toe shoes.. there are so many gorgeous stockings out there nowadays to choose from, and sometimes even adds a little flare to your outfit. I say.. it’s a definite do!


43 robert

I agree. It seems that different things are done in different places, but stockings are better than nakedness. To me they are inspiring & comforting, just seeing that something is there. Cotton socks are worn by males, so when a female wears them, they look like a male-that’s why I believe stockings are right for females. I also promote recycling them(or donating them to someone who is) so we respect the planet God gave us.
Thanks for being modest & promoting it and God bless you!!!


44 robert

P.S.- Muslimahs all wear hijabs, but not always plain. I see colored & even floral-print ones being worn. There’s no rule that says you have to be ugly, just not a show-off.


45 Maftuna

ASA sisters,
I don’t know if anyone’s still following this website as it looks like both posts & comments are getting less & far in between.
I’ve heard from an imam that wearing socks with open toe shoes is not permissible. The reason is the same for tight clothing, because when we say “cover” we mean to hide both the color & the shape of the part of the body. When we wear stockings, they are either see-through or at least they are tight on our feet, which shows the shape. So the correct way of covering is to wear closed toe shoes. I think even if you wear a long abaya, you can still see the feet when you walk.
Allah knows best.
P.S. Same reason goes for tight hijabs. The same imam said that the hijabs should be loose around the neck and should not show the shape of the neck & shoulders.


46 mariya

That’s a good that but imam heard not permission to wearing socks with open toe shoes. there is question i am very confused. islam permissioned that women cover completely head to feet no part of body showed.


47 mariya

ASA sisters

read this carefully about this some of misunderstood of wear burqa, hijab, gloves, socks shoes.
Does Islam say it’s hot/warm don’t wear burqa, hijab, gloves, socks shoes?
Now a day’s women wear this thing. And said hard to walk, warm, boring, hard to drive a car

When I study in Pakistan I see in university. One woman I see she ask me. How would you feel when you wear these? How can you wear its warm? I ask him before are you Muslim? She say yes. Does Islam say it’s warm don’t wear burqa. She says no. so how can you say that. Tell me. After she asks many negative points she will ask me. I answer that. Finally she say I am sorry about that.

Next time my friend she wear only burqa. Open face. Open hand, open foot. Many days after she sees me then her also wear that hijab, gloves, socks, and sandal. I see that other many women friend laughing her and ask her again and again its hot summer day, Are you mad to wear socks and sandal, gloves, hijab.

One thing I notice when women/girls wear socks other is laughing, joking here? Why answer me this question,
When someone girl wear white socks. And other says she is school. Laughing. Or said old women. Why are laughing,

Many times I see women drive a car wear gloves. After leave the gloves in car. I ask him she is teacher of university she also wear burqa. Why miss are you wear gloves she say it’s hot and don’t like that.

Many women going to university to wear complete cover that. After they takeoff some of burqas. So why she wear burqa?

Many times I slept there women she say mad women she wear warm cloth I think she is blind.

Many of issues in women and girls say when she wear socks and sandal everyone is joking that? Answer me that.

Don’t joke then because Islam say completely cover you yourself.

About me

When I am 10 years I wear this thing my mother said. Now my age is 26 years. Not problem in 16 years, I pray five time namaz and quran sharif. My I daily wear burqa when I will go out home. Wearing burqa, gloves, socks, shoes. When I am in home clothing, skiffs cover my head, socks, I wear all time when I am sleeping I took them off. Be careful about now days many fashion able women. She cares about her feet using cream, wearing socks and sleep, don’t do that. If you can do your eye side shows down dual and dark. Muslim women wear this color for good in socks
Skintone color socks, White socks, Black socks, cream color socks,


48 Rebecca

Dear sisters in Islam

alhamdulillah for us all to wear the hijaab :)

I have a little concern and iwanted to share it so maybe some of you could help me or we could find an answer together. I’m a new revert to Islaam and I find I always have to assess what I’m wearing to make sure it meets the hijaab requirements in form and spirit. I’ve got rid of so many things, bought things I thought would be ok, then discover i made a mistake. My mum has just given me a load of really nice summer sandals that i want to wear. Then I asked myself what is the ruling concerning covering our feet? I know the hadith says we are obligated to cover everything except our hands and face. So where does that leave our feet? Surely its self explanatory? So i looked it up, because I don’t want to be doing wrong no matter how small it is in my dress. All the madhaahib state we must cover our feet outside of prayer. The hanafi school say we can leave them uncovered during prayer but not outside of it. So now I’m stuck! Should we then be wearing sandals and exposing our feet? To not wear my beloved sandals would be a big sacrifice for me. What about you? But this is the path I have chosen and arent all these things I keep discovering I must give up or sacrifice all part of what makes me a true muslimah insha’Allah.

I would love anyones feedback


49 robert

Keep the sandals and just wear short stockings. has cotton-sole and plain nylon ankle-highs (both opaque and sheer) and has knee-highs & thigh-highs that can be worn with any sandals. thanks for being modest!!!


50 Maftuna

@ Rebecca,
I believe what you quoted are not contradictory, meaning, we should cover our feet always, except in pray (which I’m not sure 100%). But yes, I have given up my lovely sandals and flipflops for the sake of Allah because I know now that we have to cover our feet. I wasn’t sure for a while, but I was advised last year, and I’ve been trying to follow it as much as I can.


51 Amina

There are plenty of flats that are cute and fashionable you can wear. I have aleast 15 to 20 pairs in all different colors. I started buying them once I chose Islam. They look great with my outfits. I believe that a lot of muslimas feel the pressure of non-muslim women. Well I will say this your sisters are behind you and will embrace you. Who cares if the non-muslims don’t understand who is greater the or Allah? Have faith and be strong stick to what you know is right….. Salaam…


52 sheikh arif

i am single loking for midium class


53 sheikh arif

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54 Muslima

Recently, I have also started to worry a lot about covering my feet. The Quran says to cover everything but what is apparent, so I thought, “Well then, my feet are totally apparent and no matter what I do their size and shape is going to show, even when I have shoes on, just like hands.” And I am a muhajjaba, so I covered everything but my feet, my face and my hands. But now I’m finding so many ahadith that totally support that you must be totally covered in prayer or else your prayer is invalid, that I’ve become pretty afraid. I’ve begun always wearing socks during prayer, and when I discovered that some of my house dresses (jalabiya) have short splits down the side that show skin my socks don’t cover, I wear my prayer skirt under the dress to give a Cinderella’s-petticoat sorta look. I’m seriously thinking of buying lots of opaque skin-toned socks and altering them so that I can wear them with sandals. I agree with you, Rebecca, this is a sacrifice that I’m definitely struggling badly with. I’m also wondering how I’m going to break the news of this to my mom, who doesn’t cover her feet either, but does cover her ankles. Does anyone have ahadith or sources that say that it is all right to show your feet/ankles?


55 aminah

that’s a crime to fashion. it’s a never. If you believe in covering your feet please wear shoes or tennis shoes or something….just….not sandals with socks.


56 Stylin' SouSou

Omg the stockings and sandals/ sock and thongs set is such a NO NO


57 rakshanda khan

When it comes to covering my feet,no matter which season it is ,i always make sure that all my family members including me should always be in socks ,even while sleeping.I love wearing gloves and socks .Even my family supports this culture.


58 max Rahman

Hi give me talk please i am very interested in your commets


59 max Rahman

if you give me chance so talk me i am really interested in you. Thanks



60 robert

i see Muslim websites that say females should not dress like males. this is also said in Jewish and Christian Scriptures. to me this means wearing something, but it should be different. when we see a male wearing females clothing & stockings, don’t we always know and say ‘he is cross-dressing’?
it’s not up to our opinion or fashion, it’s up to God! and Scriptures tell us what God wants.


61 mohamed

hi man am sorry,intruption ok, yes u should not wear the same clothing with females, its total unacceptable in islam al islam. its not again the matter of fashion, we believe very thing by God and if we dont obey the laws allah than we at loss everything. so think about it.


62 Tracy

Thank you! You guys been somewhat helpful. I converted to Islam about 3 months ago I am still in the dark with many things. Thankfully I have an understanding husband. I still wear my flip flops only in the house. I didnt know anything about wearing sandals or not. I have 2 pair that I love. I mostly wear sneakers or tennis shoes. I still have my sense of style and I know that I kill alot of rules (husband just rolls his eyes and shake his head.) We are going to live in his country soon and i dont want to disrespect his parents or his children so I need help!!!!


63 a.d.

I like your blog, very informative, Thank you.


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